All Natural Seasonings and Rubs

Welcome to New Southern Pantry

We have a fresh approach to Southern Cooking using healthy ingredients that benefit todays lifestyle.

All of our products are free of msg, artificial preservatives, colorings, or fillers.

Our products are gluten-free unless noted. No sodium is added to our mixes.

Purely great flavor doesn't need additives or fillers, it stands alone!

Texas Chili Blend
 Bring the taste of Texas to your favorite dishes with our robust blend of pure ground chilies and spices.  Texas Chili Blend makes a dark, rich, red chili when added to your favorite meats.   If you’re looking for a great all-purpose seasoning for dishes that need a little extra kick, this is it.  No salt or sugar added to our blend.  
Blue Ribbon Texas Chili recipe included.   Dry weight of product is 2.5 ounces. Makes 2 large pots of chili. 

Spicy Italian Mix

Frozen meatballs have met their match. This mix delivers big on taste with no added salt or sugar.  We combine Parmesan and Romano cheeses with bread crumbs, red pepper flakes and a pure blend of all natural spices for a taste of Italy.  Make great Italian meatballs that will make you the hit of the party. Wonderful as a breading or coating for chicken, pork or oven baked vegetables.
Italian recipe ideas included. Gluten-free breadcrumb product available. 
Dry weight is 2 ounces.  

New Southern Pantry Chef Seasoning

A deep rustic flavor with over 12 different all natural spices that complement the taste of a variety of foods.  This is an all-purpose seasoning for steak, pork, chicken or burgers.  Chef Seasoning is also great on vegetables, French fries or anything needing a little flavor, but not overwhelming the taste of the food. No sugar or salt added. This will soon become your go to seasoning when you need big flavor!
Recipe ideas included.  2 ounces dry weight

Beau Monde Seasoning

Beau Monde in French means “beautiful world”, so Beau Monde seasoning added to your food will mean beautiful taste!  Our blend of nine different spices is unique and versatile.  Used in many different dishes, it has unlimited possibilities. On meats, in sauces & on seafood, its taste is so unique and memorable. Contains no salt, sugar or  MSG. 
Recipe ideas included.  2 ounces dry weight

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